Submit a performance

Deadline for submission of performances for the printet festival programme 2019:
February 5 2019

CPH STAGE is an open festival where professional artists, theatres and producers present their pick of performances. The festival is not centrally curated, but it is a possibility for theatres and artists to present the season’s best performances, as well as to invite guest performances from like-minded collaborators or others, to perform on their stages. In this way,

CPH STAGE presents theatre in all its forms and varieties. The festival is a celebration of performing arts and an invitation to the public to come and see a great selection of theatre produced in Denmark and abroad.

Apart from regular theatre performances, the festival also includes other theatre related events and initiatives such as readings, seminars, parties, debates, a flea market and much more. The last edition of the festival hosted 120 performances, 12 of which were international productions.

The next edition of CPH STAGE will take place from 23th of May – 1th of June 2019 and will present Danish, Nordic and other international performances on theatre stages, at alternative venues, and in the public spaces of Copenhagen.

Ever since the beginning of the festival back in 2013 CPH STAGE have been working on developing subtitles in both Danish and English, that can be streamed live on your smartphone or tablet. In 2018, the festival will continue developing the closed caption initiative in an attempt to make theatre accessible to everyone.