News / 27. June 2016

Thank you!

Dear guests,

Thank you! Without you, the festival would not have been the same.

In return, we are happy to share some big news with you. In 2015, we had an amazing festival with 20.000 guests visiting. This year we broke our own record with more than 30.000 people attending! Isn’t that a reason to celebrate!

From award show to readings
In the beginning of June, Copenhagen turned into Denmark’s cultural hotspot hosting numerous in- and outdoors theatre plays, performances, readings, happenings and parties from all over Denmark and abroad. A whimsical twenty-four seven theatre and performance art experience that had something to offer to every taste and liking.

The big annual award show, Årets Reumert, closed the festival with a glamourous and witty celebration of contemporary Danish theatre, opera, and dance. Three performances participating at CPH STAGE received a Reumert: “Soli Deo Gloria” for best playwright, “Hvem har æren?” for best director and “Lige om lidt bliver alting meget sjovere” for best dance performance/performance. A big congrats to all of them!

An international success
CPH STAGE opened the festival with a great international performance – NEXT DAY by the Belgian group CAMPO. In NEXT DAY, the French playwright and director Philippe Quesne takes the audience to a bizarre microcosm, an isolated community of twelve children where adults do not exist. Theatre for everyone was one of the festival’s goals, and with 56 plays and performances available to non-Danish speakers, this ambition became a reality. With the help of a number of Danish theatre and dance companies, CPH STAGE invited 50 presenters and producers from all over the world, which brought the festival a broad international exposure.

What would the actors like to see?
As something new this year, we reached out to local actors and directors asking them to give their recommendations of what’s a must see at the festival. As a result, we produced more than 15 videos, one of which featured the well-established English-Danish actress, Vivienne McKee.
With a feeling of a great and successful CPH STAGE 2016, we are already brainstorming and planning how to create an even better festival next year. Follow us here or on Facebook the year round to get small updates on what is going on with the plays and performance participating at CPH STAGE and other theatre related news. And don’t forget that on our Facebook group THEATRE IN ENGLISH in Denmark you can always find a list of current plays and performances available to non-Danish speakers.

We are looking forward seeing you at CPH STAGE 2017 – the festival will run from Wednesday May 31st till Sunday June 11th!

Best regards CPH STAGE