News / 28. June 2017

Thanks for another great festival!

This year CPH STAGE presented its fifth festival, which took place from May 31 – June 11. During CPH STAGE 2017 we presented more than 120 performances at venues all over Copenhagen. More than 50 shows were accessible to non-Danish speakers. Presenting performances from Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Brazil and Turkey among others the festival created a lively diversity in the Performing Arts programme.

One of our focus areas is to frame Danish performing arts internationally. This year we developed the festivals international efforts and created an international industry programme in collaboration with significant players in the Danish performing arts scene: The Danish National School of Performing Arts, The Development Platform for Performing Arts, The Independent Performing Arts Festival and The Project Centre at Dansehallerne.

We also continued the tradition of inviting a Danish artist to curate an international opening show. Denmark’s queen of performance art, Kirsten Dehlholm from Hotel Pro Forma, choose this year’s opening show by the Belgian theatre group Needcompany – “The Blind Poet”. The performance displayed how innovative European performance can look like today and was a great inspiration to many.

International guests from 18 different countries
We welcomed at least 55 international guests at CPH STAGE 2017. 45 of these guests were international presenters. They participated in the festival with the purpose of experiencing Danish stage art and participate in the international industry programme. The international guests came from 18 different nations primarily the Nordic countries, The UK and Central Europe however; the festival also had guests from Argentina, Turkey and Catalunya. Each of them represented significant festivals and theatre houses such as Festival International de Buenos Aires, KVS from Bussels, Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Baltic Circle, Helsinki Stage, Over Het IJ Festival in Amsterdam, Transparant in Antwerpen, Flare Festival in Manchester, Bush Theatre in London and Atta Festival in Istanbul.

At this year’s CPH STAGE, it became clear that one of our biggest strengths in its international work is the ability to initiate and strengthen collaboration with significant members of the performing arts scene – across borders.

Thank you and see you next year when we will present our sixth festival from May 31. – June 9. 2018.