News / 25. May 2017


CPH STAGE also includes outdoor performances that unfolds the city as stage, and shows it from a new angle.

CPH STAGE is going on all over the city – in both well known and newly appeared venues. The festival is a great opportunity to see a grand variety of performing art from the Royal Danish Theatre to the newest, undiscovered upcoming groups in Denmark and international performances as well. However the festival also gives you the opportunity to experience the city through magic, dance and artistry or in other words from a new and different angle in outdoor venues. One of the most recent additions to outdoor meeting points in Copenhagen is at “Ofelia Plads”: A concrete pier with a square. Coated with dark grooved concrete, the pier slopes down in the North, where it disappears under the water level gracefully giving shoutouts to the history of the harbour. Despite its young age, the relaxed and humble attitude of the pier is already mixing popular culture with high culture. At the pier you’ll find pavilions, stages, food trucks and stairs made just for kissing. This is the place to take a break; a snack, a cold beverage or to go see a performance while the sun hopefully caresses those winter pale cheeks of yours.

Performance programme at Ofelia Plads by The Royal Danish Playhouse

A variety of matinees and soirées will take place in the form of a contemporary circus act, a ballet show, interactive theatre, a performance city walk and much more. In ‘The Balance’ Signe Løve Anderskov examines the concept of balance in her laboratory of balance. Two self promoting double agents invites you to join them in their omnibus on the search for meaning in the all embracing big-brother society in ‘Omnibus’. In ‘Walking Workshop’ Inge Agnete Tarpgaard takes you on a very unprepared city walk where anything can happen.

CPH STAGE takes you to a bunch of different cool sites around the city. ‘Hidden Numbers’ by Cantabilie 2 is a performance city walk, that will take you through an unknown Copenhagen. You will simultaneously be existential detectives and urban explorers on this yet to be known route. In the historic garden “Lorrys Have” in Frederiksberg you can enjoy ‘Jekyll on Ice’ by

Paolo Nani. The round loveable clown-like ice cream salesman will without a doubt make you laugh when he invites you into his universe. Balloons, Ice Creams and humour sets the scene in the old garden, for a good laugh!

The Meat Packing District is known for its nightlife with cool restaurants and popular night clubs. However it will also be the place to go for an outdoor feast with coffee, cakes and more. “My Table is your table” examines the relationship between privacy and public space. The setting reflects a family dinner with different traditions of celebration, but instead of the usual topics the speech and the songs are about identity and nationalism, setting the scene for a strong, but subtle dialogue about society.

With the diverse variety of on site performances this year, CPH STAGE is not only ideal for interesting experiences of performing arts. It is also a great way to welcome the Copenhagen summer, which really is all about harvesting good times in the sun. Go check out the programme, and plan you alternative exploration of the city.