Black Tie – CISPA 3rd Year Graduation Performance 2021

Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts


At a funeral reception, a grieving family attempts to commemorate a relative’s troublesome life. Overwhelmed by a torrent of sharp feeling, unexpected secrets, sealed frustrations, and forbidden loves agitatedly reveal themselves; and the family for better or for worse, is reborn.

A story composed through pictorial symbolism, physicality, and text; this interdisciplinary piece explores relationships determined by obsession, discontent, and even abuse, which manifest turbulent expressions of fear, submission, and attempted rebellion.

Confronting our inherited legacy, as a means of survival, provides the generative theme of the piece, spanning from the personal to the collective.

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Yderligere information


  • Nuria Legarda Andueza (Instruktør)
  • Jacob Valet (Lysdesigner)
  • Nicolai Valet (Lysdesigner)
  • Constantin Gindele (Fotograf)
  • Minna Koponen (Illustrator)
  • Minna Koponen (Skuespiller)
  • Heiðdís Chadwick (Skuespiller)
  • Ina Raunio (Skuespiller)
  • Anna Elisa Reini (Skuespiller)
  • Milda Sutkevičiūtė (Skuespiller)
  • Karri Karjalainen (Skuespiller)
  • Atte Hänninen (Skuespiller)
  • Henna Mäki-Filppula (Skuespiller)
  • Delya Messadi (Skuespiller)

Alle spilletidspunkter

  • Torsdag d. 27 maj kl. 19.30
  • Fredag d. 28 maj kl. 19.30
  • Lørdag d. 29 maj kl. 19.30
  • Søndag d. 30 maj kl. 19.30
  • Tirsdag d. 01 juni kl. 19.30
  • Onsdag d. 02 juni kl. 19.30


Basement, København
Enghavevej 42
1674 København V