Creature 1

Vincent Jonsson


“Creature 1” has its starting point in how the transformation of one person affects a whole situation. It is also an investigation in the feeling of being uncomfortable, not knowing of what is going to happen, neither to you nor the person in front of you.

The performance is dramatic and dark – and doesn’t give answers, doesn’t explain what happens and how to interpret it. The audience is left with not-knowing and negotiating their feelings in the moment by themselves and with one another.

The piece asks questions about, violence, aggression, empathy, sexuality, suppressed feelings and desires.


  • Lukas Racky (Producent)
  • Vincent Jonsson (Koreograf)
  • Vincent Jonsson (Danser)

Alle spilletidspunkter

  • Torsdag d. 04 juni kl. 18.30
  • Torsdag d. 04 juni kl. 21.30


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K