a monologue about love and cancer Teater Bæstet


DAD is an unorthodox experiment to see what happens when the setting is a Bikram Yoga class and the audience is invited to do actual yoga-postures while the story unfolds in a multimedia universe of music, video, poetry slam and silence. “DAD” is an investigation of how a performance can include a therapeutic process and expansion of the consciousness. DAD is a very personal and important performance, that reveals a truthful story about the challenges of being the son, who’s father has cancer. It is a monologue about a father-son relation with deep love, blocked emotions, avoidance of conflicts, the fear of losing each other and the teachings of how to share love before it’s too late.

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  • Christian Bjerrum (Instruktør)
  • Christian Bjerrum (Skuespiller)
  • Alice Carreri (Sanger)
  • Suni Joensen (Teknisk chef)
  • Christian Gade Bjerrum (Dramatiker)


Bikram Yoga, Copenhagen
Ryesgade 23
2200 København N