The life and death of a female fantasy Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre


Scrambled is a single show featuring a woman’s journey to conceive naturally dealing with inner demons, feminine ideals, and relationship issues. The Stage is set – As an intimate restroom, a shrine to her solitude, injecting hormones and urinating at a pregnancy test. What happens if we never have children? Maybe we will create a world that only has those couples? does she want to be a mother because everyone does? not an ordinary woman. she continues her journey, beaten and tired. She drags the toilet and known past behind her, to an unknown future ahead.

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  • Rotem Nachmany (Koncept)
  • Maya Bitan (Instruktør)
  • Maayan Dobkovski (Dramaturg)
  • Paz Pesherhoffer (Lysdesigner)
  • Rotem Nachmany (Performer)
  • Rotem nachmany (Dramatiker)
    Yoni Tal (Komponist)


Serridslevvej 2
2100 København Ø