The Shy Manifesto

Down the Rabbit Hole


Have you ever been mortified by your own actions after a drunken night? Then you just might nod recognizingly to the revealing and hilarious moments of this compelling play by Michael Ross. The Shy Manifesto is a bitter-sweet tender comedy about growing up as a timid 17-year-old, eager to find acceptance for his shyness. Through the digital universe of his vlog, Callum delivers a potent manifesto, which reveals his intimate thoughts about sexuality, society, humiliation, self loathing and ultimately his quest for acceptance.

Performed as a part of HIT’s international festival – HIT Hits the Stage

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  • Jeremy M. Thomas (Instruktør)
  • Igor Halicki (Lysdesigner)
  • Karl Heding (Lyddesigner)
  • Lakeisha Salto (Forestillingsleder)
  • Daniel Niel Ash (Skuespiller)
  • Lakeisha Salto (Forestillingsleder)
  • Michael Ross (Dramatiker)

Alle spilletidspunkter

  • Torsdag d. 03 juni kl. 17.30
  • Fredag d. 04 juni kl. 17.30
  • Lørdag d. 05 juni kl. 13.00


Møllegade 7
2200 København N