Acción Gorila 4

The Very Organized Guerrilla Economy of Contingency Movement (or Tracking back Donna Haraway’s Koko the Gorilla in National Geographic on primates) Public Eye


“Acción Gorila 4” chooses this time to appear in the realer than real space ^^^^^^ aca the virtual = http://acciongorila.tumblr.com. Looking for a slowing down financial plan, an energy saver, a lazy chance, a mode of resisting while thinking together, a secrecy place for meeting with you anonymously, to save you from understanding, or the stress of what it means, from excuses for not coming by, from your own exhaustion, from the disappointment by the absence of the object. All together we will soon perform rest, sharing and contemplation, painstakingly. The content of this sight will appear, disappear and re-appear between 10-21 june’15, at any time of the day. Sara Gebran y Mathias Kryger.

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  • Sara Gebran (Andet)
  • Mathias Kryger (Andet)


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