Acción Gorila 5 – A Space

Public Eye


In a ‘place’ by the sea with a bonfire, join us 3 days, 8 hours/day, to discuss, to read, eat, drink and bath, on what is our common, how to become a multitude acting in common, ways to rethink our culture and history and the space for the organization of other things than work….

A momentary intense ‘space-time’ for withdrawal, regroupment, and common experience. A resting space and a creative act.

3.-5. June kl. 16.00-24.00.
Location to be announced.
We bring: Bonfire, copies of text to read, music & fireworks.
Bring: food, drinks, swimsuit, notebook, pen, pen, ideas, blankets.

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  • Sara Gebran (Performer)
  • Mathias Kryger (Performer)


På Stranden
c/o Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20
1799 København V