Extended Falls to Humanity

A performance for citizens - and their cityhalls Recoil Performance Group


A performance with citizens at its center.
Extended Falls to Humanity is a civic-engagement, choreographic installation that takes place in a number of city halls. The piece addresses what we dream of and what we fear for the future. Before the presentation, Recoil visits the town hall and its citizens. Based on their stories and speculations about the future, the performance creates a choreographic, visual & musical experience of the individual’s and the collective’s presence in the political space.
The work is about people – and about being human in the community that hosts it. A work where the citizens are not just spectators, but also essential contributors. Use backdoor! English 29.05.

Yderligere information


  • Tina Tarpgaard (Koreograf)
  • Mikkel Larsen (Lyddesigner)
  • Andreas Buhl (Lysdesigner)
  • Emilie Gregersen (Danser)
  • Marlene Bonnesen (Danser)
  • Hilde I. Sandvold (Danser)
  • Karin Bergman (Danser)
  • Lars Greve og Mads Forsby (Komponist)


Københavns Rådhus
Rådhupladsen 1
1599 København V