Last Hive

Zangenbergs Teater


Matrix; with honeybees.

David, a male honeybee is the chosen one. He goes on a mission for his Queen bee to save the hive. Will he get the girl and save the world, or get radicalised along the way?

What does it even mean to be the chosen one? Come on down to the insect underworld to find out.

FOUR STARS – “Hilariously Silly, enjoyable for all!”
– Deadline News

In October 2017 David travelled to Andalucia in Spain to research the project by studying honeybees, permaculture, system thinking and sociocracy at Bee Time’s Artist Residency.

Forestillingen er på engelsk


  • David Tann (Performer)
  • Karen Houge (Performer)


Zangenbergs Teater
Pilestræde 55A
1112 København K