Moira Finucane’s The Rapture

Art vs Extinction LIVE & DIGITAL Down the Rabbit Hole


Across the sea and live from the depths of her bathtub, the multi-awarded gothic glamazon, environmental scientist and burlesque genre-smasher Moira Finucane brings the next chapter of her acclaimed masterwork The Rapture.

Created in lockdown, this Art vs Extinction intimate epic lures you into a Livestream Interactive Dream of hope, extinction, liquor, propaganda and Antarctic ice.

Commissioned by Mesto Zensk (Slovenia), Climakaze Festival (Miami), written in Paris museums and on Antarctic icebergs, with seasons from China to Prague, winner of Climakaze Award for outstanding work on climate justice. BYO penguin.

Performed as a part of HIT’s international festival – HIT Hits the Stage.

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  • Moira Finucane (Instruktør)
  • Jackie Smith (Medinstruktør)
  • Keon Couture (Designer)
  • William Eicholtz (Designer)
  • Gun Shy (Designer)
  • Bryn Meredith (Designer)
  • Isaac Lummis (Designer)
  • Jennifer Hector (Designer)
  • Eugyeene Teh (Designer)
  • Rachel Lewindon (Lyddesigner)
  • Shinjuku Thief (Lyddesigner)
  • Kath Papas (Producent)
  • Karl Heding (Tekniker)
  • Igor Halicki (Tekniker)
  • Moira Finucane (Performer)
  • Rachel Lewindon (Musiker)
  • Moira Finucane (Dramatiker)
    Rachel Lewindon (Komponist)


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2200 København N