The Nordic Beasts

An international solo-event of rituals, roots and identity hosted by Mute Comp. Physical Theatre Mute Comp. Physical Theater


The Whole Fire
A physically merciless solo reflecting on identity at the online-information era! Using the most popular online publications as its source, the work playfully explores the national identity of a Finn in 2017.
Concept, choreography and performance / Noora Hannula

Royal Blue
A sonic and physical journey into majesty, striving to maintain balance between firm power, gentle elegance and unobstructed freedom. Something Royal travels through layers of states and attempts to express the beauty of power and its limitations.
Concept / Sophia Mage and Ray Roa
Dance and Choreography / Sophia Mage

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  • Noora Hannula and Sophia Mage / Ray Roa (Koncept)
  • Noora Hannula and Sophia Mage (Koreograf)
  • Noora Hannula (Danser)
  • Julie Rasmussen (Danser)
  • Elín Signý Ragnarsdóttir (Danser)
  • SØS Gunver Ryberg (DK) and Insomnium (FI) (Komponist)


Ofelia Plads
Kvæsthusbroen *
1250 København K