The White Plague

Den Hvide Pest Down the Rabbit Hole


Following a sell-out international run, Ferodo Bridges present this immersive binaural experience, placing the audience in the middle of the action as a state-of-the-art sound design transports them to every location of the play and inside every character’s head. A timely look at social coherence, gender roles and the survival instincts of a society in crisis.

“10 years have passed since a fiercely contagious virus spread among a major city’s population, causing a mysterious white blindness and eventually, society’s collapse. Now five survivors come forward to tell a story they were not allowed to share before.”

Performed as a part of HIT’s international festival – HIT Hits the Stage

Forestillingen er på engelsk


  • Alexander Raptotasios (Instruktør)
  • Ross Flight (Lyddesigner)
  • Marie-Cecile Inglesi (Kostumier)
  • Or Benezra-Segal (Dramaturg)
  • Grae Clarke (Videodesigner)
  • Esther Fernandez (Medinstruktør)
  • Karl Heding (Tekniker)
  • Igor Halicki (Tekniker)
  • Vicky Kyriakoulakou (Performer)
  • Gil Sutherland (Performer)
  • Samuel Mattioli (Performer)
  • Alex Kiffin (Performer)
  • Lilian Tsang (Performer)
  • Alexander Raptotasios (Dramatiker)


Møllegade 7
2200 København N