International days

CPH STAGEs International Days are 8. – 10. June 2023 (The festival is taking place 1. – 10. June). We are excited to celebrate CPH STAGEs 10th anniversary. We welcome you to join us. Since 2017 CPH STAGE has developed INTERNATIONAL DAYS as a Danish showcase and a central Nordic meetingpoint for international colleagues – in the framing of Denmark’s national festival. Sustainability is close to our heartS and our international mission has been part of the CPH STAGE's DNA from the start. This year this platform presents and includes artists, producers and works from Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands.

15 works have been selected by an international Jury. You can see the selected works here. When visiting CPHSTAGEs International Days you'll also be offered to see other shows of great quality and of relevance in international contexts.

International Jury's guidance:

The jury has valued remarkable artistic attempts with urgent topics. Works that consider the socio-political discourses both regionally and internationally – in a way where they are aware of the contexts and find a way to negotiate them accordingly. Works that reflect on their position. Furthermore, it has been an aim for the jury to give visibility to the very different genres and aesthetics that are found in the Danish scene. Finally, the jury has observed a strong quality in embracing the kind of messy uneasiness there is in trying to figure things out as we go – in several Danish performing arts works. Please note that this is a selection – which due to the framing must be narrowed down in number – leaving out other obvious voices in the Danish performing arts landscape.

The jury behind the selection for the international days is:

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