CONNECTED is a podcast created by CPH STAGE International to unfold currently important topics in the Performing Arts. Aiming to find new possibilities through inspiring conversations. For those who create art and for those who give shape to it. CONNECT yourself to other mindsets in the field of Performing Arts.

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  • RELATIONSHIP WITH WATER - 71 percent of the Earth surface is water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Water is omnipresent. In this episode we ask artists and festival creators about their relationship with water. Starring: Robert Karlsson (Between Music/AquaSonic), Betina Birkjær (Luna Park/SightSEAing), Var Bech Arting (RIVA/Minnisbrot), Willie White (Dublin Theatre Festival) and Adam Barrett (Luminato Festival).

  • EXPLORING REALITY - There are more options for reality and in this podcast we'll share different aproaches to playing with our perceptions of reality. Which role democracy plays and how you give people tools to understand their reality and to change the world around them. Starring: Henrik Vestergaard (LiveartDK/Performance Trilogy), Mikael Fock (SH4DOW), Hilkka-Liisa Ilvanainen (Tampere Theatre Festival).

  • BODIES AND GRAND NARRATIVES - Grand narratives are often unfolded within text-theatre. However what happens when the grand narratives become non-verbal and expressed mainly through the bodies? What role does the body and it's expressions play in telling grand stories? Starring: Louise Moicha (Sitka Louise), Jesper Michelsen (Glad Teater) and Ricarda Ciontos (NORDWIND festival).

  • ART HOLDING SPACE FOR TABOOS - Art has extraordinary capability to unfold and hold space for taboos. What happens with the art and with the taboos in society when this happens? Do we even have taboos today? We invited two Danish companies that are working with taboos in the work that is presented at CPH STAGE's International Days. And an intercultural collaboration between a Danish company and a Greenlandic company - facing the taboos in the colonial history. Starring: Andreas Constantinou (SHROUD), Louise Beck (LOL - Laughing Out Lonely), Hanne Trap Friis (Freeze Productions), Naleraq Eugenius (OUR STORIES / OQALUTTUAATIGUT), curator Anna Teuwen and artistic director Aniko Racz.

    • BODIES, IDENTITIES AND HISTORICAL CONSCIOUSNESS - Bodies, identities and historical consciousness play a huge role in the way we show up in the present. Starring: Mirko Guido (All that remains), Fabio Liberti (MUOVI/What Did I Just Do?) and Stine Nilsen (CODA - Oslo International Dance Festival).

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