Discover emerging Artists & Producers from Denmark, greenland and faroe islands

CPH STAGE’s International DayS is an essential meeting point for artists, producers, directors, who work internationally or aspire to do so – from Denmark, Greenland or Faroe Islands. In 2023 we will welcome 150 Danish, Greenlandish, Faroese and international professionals to meet each other - and discover great works. We prioritise a scenario where everybody has the opportunity to genuinely connect with each other – that means that w focus on growing in quality – not necessarily in quantity. It is a place to meet and we facilitate meetings between all participants. In order to support emerging artists and producers within the field – after some challenging years – we started up this programme for emerging artists and producers to participate in 2022.

In 2023 we we expand the initiative with a specific focus where we invite people from Faroe Islands and Greenland to the table. This is done in collaboration with The National Theatre of Greenland and The Nordic House at Faroe Islands. The project ‘Connecting Greenland, Faroe Islands and Denmark’ is supported by The Nordic Culture Fund.

The SEVENTEEN selected artists (including tHREE collaborator GROUPS) and producers in EMERGING ARTISTS/PRODUCERS PROGRAMME 2024:

Nadja Mattioli (DK), Artistic Director, Freelance Director, Dramaturg – Beyond Darkness

Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen

“My artistic practice is rooted in my multinational upbringing and education as well as the many places I call(ed) home. Both my life and work are shaped by ideas, thoughts, customs and beliefs inherited by the various communities and environments that surround me. Watching, observing, feeling, experiencing performative works that are shaped by other thoughts, bodies, ethnicities, struggles and stories is part of how I learn about the world and relate to it. Through all-inclusive, non-national collaborations and working environments, I can remain curious about my habits and patterns and can learn to expand – even uproot – some of the inherited perspectives that currently form my artistic practice.”

Lucas Kruse Kristiansen (DK), Dancer/Choreographer – Independent

Photo: Susanne Slot

“I am at a place in my practice/career where I want to challenge my view of the art I make. I would like to expand my network and learn more about how I can get my ideas and works out internationally. I have the ideas and a choreographic vision which is very physical and I would like to expand beyond the border to find new opportunities and learn more about what I can do in the future.”

My Grönholdt (DK), Choreographer, Dancer and Artistic Director and Sofia Wickman (SE) Creative Producer – MYKA

My Grönholdt, Photo: Christan Bang
Sofia Wickman

“We would like to participate together, to boost our newly started MYKA collaboration as choreographer and creative producer. The CPH STAGE international support program gives us the opportunity to develop our international work and unfold our international potential, in a safe, warm, professional and developing framework.

MYKA’s international career promises well, and we are curious to learn more, expand our network and gain inspiration, new knowledge and to meet new inspiring people in the field.”

Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen (FO) and Vár Bech Árting (FO), Artistic Directors, Dancers, Choreographers – RIVA The Faroese Dance Company

Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen // Photo: Gwenaël Akira Helmsdal Carré
Vár Bech Árting // Photo: Gwenaël Akira Helmsdal Carré

“RIVA is the first Faroese dance company for professional dancers and our goal is to establish dance in the Faroese art environment and bring Faroese artists and works to the international performing arts stage. Having a strong international network is a crucial factor in order for us to get new impressions and dynamism into the Faroese performing arts and to get our work out to a larger stage.”

Nadja Bounenni
(DK), Dancer, Choreographer, Producer – Komma Performance Productions

Photo : Giannis Xatziantoniou

“My artistic interest lies in political debates of our times and notions of reality and fiction. My movement practice, emerges from somatic principles and rituals, based on energy conservation and zero resistance working modes. As an extension of my artistic work towards realising projects and art events, I co-founded KOMMA Performance Productions, an association running from and for self-producing artists towards crafting sustainable models for artistic work within the field of dance and choreography. I see this opportunity as a potent meeting place where further international collaborations can occur, while strengthening our connections with art professionals in Denmark and abroad.”

Rebekka Sofie Bohse Meyer (DK), Artistic Director - Jakobe Performing Arts

Photo : Emil Hornstrup Jakobsen

“As the artistic director of Jakobe Performing Arts, I create performance-concepts that push the boundaries of traditional art forms and engage the audience - more specifically immersive and experimental performances at the intersection of sound, technology, and the arts. With a musical background, sound has always been at the core of my artistic expression. I have delved into the realms of spatial sound, generative sound, and sound design for A.I., exploring the dynamic possibilities that technology brings to the auditory and visual experience. Currently I am occupied with the genre of music theatre & opera, and after the realisation and premiere of a VR Opera, I am now working on a game opera"

Rebecca Langley Jensen (DK) , Actor - Independent

Photo : Fie Holm

“I believe that subjects such as diversity, inclusion and sustainability can only be strengthened if we create stronger ties between us globally. Theater is an impactful tool to do just that, as it is one of the few platforms that can represent a diverse range of voices and of minds. I’m currently performing in a play which is a transnational project between Kenya, Denmark and the E.U. The project is focusing on gender based violence against women, and it’s creating waves. I would love to be part of more projects of this scale. ”

Kuluk Helms (GL), Poet, Performer, Director, Producer - Independent

Photo : Joseph Sherlock

“My name is Kuluk and I am a performing artist, culture bearer, poet and director navigating in the complex simplicity of dual cultures. Growing up and watching primarily westernised shows, I rarely was able to see myself in any of the characters that looked like me - now an adult woman, I have made it my life's work to be visibly and proudly Inuk and mixed race. I aspire to mirror and give space to those of us who might feel that are not quite one thing nor the other through my work. My practice is based on gentle patience and knowing that all art wants to be created; my work as an artist is to be available as a vessel, as a mirror and as the imperfect human I am. ”

Jules Søgaard Mogensen (DK), Dramaturg and Producer / Cecilie Schyth Kjær (DK),  Choreographer and Dancer

Photo 1. Cecilie Schyth Kjær//Karl Rummel Photo 2. Jules Søgaard Mogensen//Sille Stenkvist

Cecilie Schyth Kjær (she/her) is a dance artist trained at Artez University of the Arts. Cecilie has worked in Denmark and across europe with choreographers such as Taneli Törmä, Det Fynske Dansekompagni, Ian Yves Ancheta (NL), and Roser Lopéz Espinosa (ES). Cecilie has recently participated in The Mirror Project by Antionette Helbing and ENTANGLED by Beyond Darkness.

Jules Søgaard Mogensen (they/them) has a background in Theater and Performance Studies (University of Copenhagen). They have worked as a producer, production manager, and dramaturg in Denmark. Jules is interested in how dramaturgical practices and production aesthetics are intertwined. Particularly how dramaturgical tools can be used to create new formats and more sustainable processes in the creation of performing arts. Cecilie and Jules are currently working together on the performance ‘Ode to Y2K’.

Sarah Aviaja Hammeken (DK/GL), Choreographer/Dancer/Artistic Director – AVIAJA Dance

"As a chorepgrapher and dancer born in Copenhagen, with a mix of Danish and Greenlandic roots, my work often draws inspiration from my heritage and Inuit culture, My artistic journey is driven by a profound interest in how physical body and dance intersect with society. I genuinely believe that we grow both as individuals and artists when connecting with new people and energies, creating new relationships and broadening our perspective. Being a part of this program I hope to establish new inspiring connections internationally"

Durita Dahl Andreassen (FO) Actress, Producer, Artistic Director - GUT//Productions

Photo : Gwenaël Akira Helmsdal Carre

“ In 2015, I co-founded the artistic group GUT//productions alongside my colleague and friend, Mariann Hansen, who is a dramatic author educated in Iceland. We both come from the same little place in the Faroe Islands and share values surrounding time, tempo, work, community, responsibility and humor, which we often describe as local. One work sentence has been: ‘if I have the guts to share my own little story with openness and honesty, it possesses the potential to resonate with other individuals - the personal and local always hold the potential to be universal.

"I would like to strengthen my international connections during this program. It is time to let both the work and values within GUT//productions and my own independent work be communicated on an international stage.”

Laura Hagen Aagaard (DK) Creative Producer and Performance Designer - MØR

Photo : Laura Terp

"I recently began working as creative producer for MØR collective. In MØR collective our recent production "Symphony Of Solitude - S.O.S" was created by an international team with the intention of touring internationally as well.I wish to meet people in a similar situation and be a part of a network, where we can support each other in this exciting, but sometimes confusing journey of working internationally”

Please welcome them with kindness.