Discover emerging Artists & Producers from Denmark, greenland and faroe islands

CPH STAGE’s International DayS is an essential meeting point for artists, producers, directors, who work internationally or aspire to do so – from Denmark, Greenland or Faroe Islands. In 2023 we will welcome 150 Danish, Greenlandish, Faroese and international professionals to meet each other - and discover great works. We prioritise a scenario where everybody has the opportunity to genuinely connect with each other – that means that w focus on growing in quality – not necessarily in quantity. It is a place to meet and we facilitate meetings between all participants. In order to support emerging artists and producers within the field – after some challenging years – we started up this programme for emerging artists and producers to participate in 2022.

In 2023 we we expand the initiative with a specific focus where we invite people from Faroe Islands and Greenland to the table. This is done in collaboration with The National Theatre of Greenland and The Nordic House at Faroe Islands. The project ‘Connecting Greenland, Faroe Islands and Denmark’ is supported by The Nordic Culture Fund.

The fourteen selected artists (including two collaborator pairs) and producers in EMERGING ARTISTS/PRODUCERS PROGRAMME 2023:

Olivia Bjørn Lund (DK), Playwrighter – Independent

Photo: Thilde Skibsted
Photo: Thilde Skibsted

“Through my artistic work I investigate how capitalism, taboo and mental illness are closely connected. I’m eager to be inspired by other practitioners of the performing arts and other art forms, in order to be able to reach a legitimate proposal on how such a vulnerable and urgent focal point can be treated artistically. My great wish is to be able to share knowledge and break taboos by working internationally.”

Nadja Mattioli (DK), Artistic director, Freelance director, Dramaturg – Beyond Darkness

Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen

“My artistic practice is rooted in my multinational upbringing and education as well as the many places I call(ed) home. Both my life and work are shaped by ideas, thoughts, customs and beliefs inherited by the various communities and environments that surround me. Watching, observing, feeling, experiencing performative works that are shaped by other thoughts, bodies, ethnicities, struggles and stories is part of how I learn about the world and relate to it. Through all-inclusive, non-national collaborations and working environments, I can remain curious about my habits and patterns and can learn to expand – even uproot – some of the inherited perspectives that currently form my artistic practice.”

Lucas Kruse Kristiansen (DK), Dancer/Choreographer – Independent

Photo: Susanne Slot

“I am at a place in my practice/career where I want to challenge my view of the art I make. I would like to expand my network and learn more about how I can get my ideas and works out internationally. I have the ideas and a choreographic vision which is very physical and I would like to expand beyond the border to find new opportunities and learn more about what I can do in the future.”

My Grönholdt (DK), Choreographer, dancer and artistic director and Sofia Wickman, Producer – MYKA

My Grönholdt, Photo: Christan Bang
Sofia Wickman

“We would like to participate together, to boost our newly started MYKA collaboration as choreographer and creative producer. The CPH STAGE international support program gives us the opportunity to develop our international work and unfold our international potential, in a safe, warm, professional and developing framework.

MYKA’s international career promises well, and we are curious to learn more, expand our network and gain inspiration, new knowledge and to meet new inspiring people in the field.”

Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen (FO) and Vár Bech Árting (FO), Artistic directors, dancers, choreographers – RIVA The Faroese Dance Company

Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen // Photo: Gwenaël Akira Helmsdal Carré
Vár Bech Árting // Photo: Gwenaël Akira Helmsdal Carré

“RIVA is the first Faroese dance company for professional dancers and our goal is to establish dance in the Faroese art environment and bring Faroese artists and works to the international performing arts stage. Having a strong international network is a crucial factor in order for us to get new impressions and dynamism into the Faroese performing arts and to get our work out to a larger stage.”

Nadja Bounenni
(DK), Dancer, Choreographer, Producer – Komma Performance Productions

Photo: Giannis Chatziantoniou

“In 2020 together with two colleagues we formed KOMMA Performance Productions, a ‘forening’ aiming to create a community within the performing arts, where self produced artists can administrate their projects, network, exchange knowledge in the production field  and co-produce art events. I see this opportunity as a potent meeting place where further international collaborations can occur, while strengthening our connections with art professionals outside Copenhagen.”

Antoinette Helbing (DK), Choreographer – Independen

Photo: Jan Vesala

“Producing internationally enriches my creative processes with perspectives that are different from nordic thinking and expressing. Performing internationally allows my works to grow in the meeting with a divers audience – and supports my idea of sustainability as the work gets to perform more often.”

Cirkeline Dahl Bondesen (DK) – Choreographer and mover

Photo: Anders Brønserud

“My work explores power dynamics such as sensous knowledge / rationality and feminine bodies, sexuality and gaze. I’m currently exploring techniques from contemporary theatre as well as human and site specific methods in search of connecting deeper with the audience. I wish to develop international connections to open channels in a bigger network of theaters and creators to share my artistic practice.”

Katrina Bugaj (DK), Director, Performance Maker – Out of Balanz/Independent

“As a director, immigrant and woman, every project I make involves international collaboration. I’m invested in building relationships and exchanging ideas with colleagues about how to manifest new ways of working together internationally. I believe we all gain if we collaborate; subvert; reinvent.”

Dahl (DK), Director, Playwright, Interdisciplinary Art Maker – Independent

“As an artist that creates interdisciplinary works with universal themes that are either non-verbal or in different languages, working internationally is the only thing that makes sense for me. My performances are made for human beings, human bodies and human senses – not nationalities. It’s an exchange that disregards borders.”

Sarah Aviaja Hammeken (DK/GL), Choreographer/Dancer/Artistic Director – AVIAJA Dance

Photo: Ena Kurtagic Granulo

"Born and raised in Denmark with Greenlandic roots, my work and artistic practice are influenced by curiosity for my heritage and Inuit culture.
My passion lies in creating art that questions society in both a local and global context and in offering the audience the magical sensation that happens between artists and audiences.
I believe that we grow as both humans and artists by meeting new people and energies, creating new relationships, experiencing new places and expanding our view. I hope that being a part of this programme can establish new connections - and shine some light on the Greenlandic art scene."

Sarah Louise Kristiansen (DK), Choreographer – Independent

“The programme is an excellent way for me to connect with what working internationally looks like in 2022 and beyond. While the pandemic helped me establish my artistic practise in my home country I am now exited to explore new ways of bringing my work to theatres, communities and audiences abroad.”

Please welcome them with kindness.