International mission

One of CPH STAGE’s international missions is to frame Danish Performing Arts internationally. The goal is to connect internationally minded people within the performing arts – cultivating dialogue, exchanges, opportunities and collaborations. CPH STAGE is the largest festival in Denmark for professional theatre. The festival includes performances from every corner of Denmark and represents the entire Danish society of performing arts without any form of priority based on genre, production size etc. Internationally it is the festivals mission to use this foundation in order to work as an efficient international player and showcase Danish stage art.

The festivals international host programme invites international guests to Denmark and engage different types of cooperation with other members of the Danish cultural society to invite these guests to attend the festival. By doing this, the festival ensures that the international guests are as well equipped as possible to experience Danish performing arts and meeting Danish performing artists. In addition to providing access to the performances, the festival further more arranges debates, talks, parties and informal meetings.

In addition to the Danish performances presented, the festival also displays a variety of international performances. This includes a curated opening show. This work is part of the festivals vision on bringing new trends to the country and develop Danish stage art through an increased tendency for exchange abroad.

The festival specifically works on strengthening the Nordic aspect of the festival through different types of cooperation and presentations.

Prospectively we hope to make CPH STAGE the place where international theatre acquirers will go to find out what is new in Danish and Nordic stage art.

CPH STAGE cooperates with other festivals, embassies, cultural institutes and more.