Open Call 2024 - INTernational days

CPH STAGE aims to present the year's best and most important for the time from the whole country as well as international professionals and visitors. We do this in three ways:

  • Den kuraterede linje - fem forestillinger om året which will give the festival audiences the opportunity to see or visit again the year's best and most important Danish shows from the whole country. These five shows will be selected by a Danish jury, that curates based on two yearly open calls.
  • CPH STAGEs INTERNATIONAL DAYS - which is the festival's window to the international arena - presenting a professional industry programme, a showcase presenting 5-8 shows and 6-8 pitches. The shows for the showcase and the pitches are selected by an international jury based on one annual open call. The changes every year in order to create a diversity in the perspectives on performing arts in Denmark. Since 2023 we invite artists from Greenland and Faroe Islands to be part of the window to the international arena.
  • TRANSPORT CONTRIBUTION for the selected shows mentioned in the two Open calls above - traveling from outside the capital region. Appliations for this will be considered continuously throughout the year. See more (in Danish).

Questions regarding:

CPH STAGEs INTERNATIONAL DAYS - please contact Head of International Programming and Production, Karen Toftegaard, karen@cphstage.com.

DEN KURATEREDE LINJE - please contact Festival Producer, Sarah Sarina Rommedahl, sarah@cphstage.com.




5-8 Danish works from all genres of the performing arts will be elected by an international jury for CPH STAGE’s Showcase and Pitch at the international days. The works will be presented during the festivals International Days  30. May – 1. June 2024. These works will receive special promotion and get the opportunity to be seen by international guests, members of the Danish industry and English-speaking audiences in Copenhagen. The vision is to support Danish performing arts in becoming visible in the international performing arts arena. The jury will favor applicants whose performances have premiered.


CPH STAGE supports the selected showcase-performances with a production support. However, the festival does not provide fully financial support to said productions. Please make sure to upload a realistic budget containing expences regarding transportation, accomodation, production, venuefees, touring preparation a.o. Please note that at least 60 tickets should be given to CPH STAGEs International Days's guests. Please be aware that all shows and companies curated by CPH STAGE will have to follow the current official agreements. Dansk Teater makes a special agreement with The Danish Actor's Association regarding CPH STAGE. As CPH STAGE receives support from the Ministry of Culture and The Copenhagen Minicipality is is a condition for our support that our collaborator's meet the demands from Copenhgen Municipality about labor clauses, that is expectations to salary and working conditions like working hours, residence- and work permits. See more about this (in Danish).


Pitch 31. May 2024: 5-8 works either in stages of pre-production or post-production with premieres in 20231/2024 will be selected by the jury to pitch their project. The pitch will also be produced as a video, which can be used in your promotion of your work in the future. Each pitch-project will be supported with 3.000 DKK (excl VAT) to cover expences like travel costs etc.

To ensure the broadest support for all applicants, productions can only get selected in one category, for either Showcase or Pitch. However we encourage interested applicants to apply for both categories.

It is possible to be selected and receive support from both CPH STAGEs Open Call to ”den kuraterede forestillingslinje” and CPH STAGEs International Days, if both programme committees find it relevant.


The application will be read by the international jury for CPH STAGEs International Days - as they don't read Danish we kindly ask you to respond in English. After the festival June 2024 your application will be deleted.



Please note that if you also want to apply for DEN KURATEREDE LINJE - we want to make it easy for you and save your time - so you only have to apply once - just click the box 'We also apply for the curation for Danish audiences with this work'. In this case your application will also be read by the Danish jury - see more here.


Application deadline: 29.09.23 at 23.55 CET – click here to see the application guidelines and here to apply. Please note you have to make a profile at the platform eventotrom.com in order to apply - find the Open Call: International Days 2024 CPH STAGE OPEN CALLThis platform will be used for all CPH STAGEs applications. NB: Please note that if you also want to apply for DEN KURATEREDE LINJE with your work – you just click that box and don’t have to send a second application.



Shows made by artists/organisations based in Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands with a praxis/aspirtion of working internationally.

The timeframe - for the showcase and pitch for international days:

• 29. September 2023 at 23.55 CET: Open Call deadline
• 26. October 2023: The selected companies will get information about being selected – and will be asked to confirm their participation before 2. November.
• 2. November 2023 – 15. December 2023: Preparation of programme for digital launch - this means communication with CPH STAGEs International Producer.
• 7. November 2023 at 14.00 - 15.30: Online meeting for all selected companies - Introduction to CPH STAGEs Danish showcase programme and introduction to content and purpose for Digital Launch 1. February 2024.
• 4. January 2024 at 14.00 - 15.30 CET: Online meeting for all selected companies regarding Digital Launch
• 1. February 2024: Digital launch of programme for CPH STAGEs International Days – unfolding the selected works
• 21. March 2024 at 13.00 - 15.30 CET ONLY PITCH: Participition in obligatory preparation pitch-workshop
24. April 2024 at 9.30 - 17.00 ONLY PITCH: Participation in 30 minutes slot to professional video-recording of pitch
9. May 2024: Release of pitching videos on website - shared with our international newsletter list and guests attending CPH STAGEs International Days 2022 as well as on SoMe-platforms
30. May – 1. June 2024: CPH STAGEs International Days, in-person (NB: sneak-start 29. May in the evening)
17. - 20. June 2024: Individual evaluations with selected companies


When you works is selected for the Showcase or the Pitch you commit toparticipating in both two preparation workshops and a post-evaluation.Furthermore you commit to engage in continuous conversations with ourinternational producer in order to make sure we reach the best suitable outcomefrom this strategic effort. At least one person (the producer) will participatededicated in the in-person and digital international days – including thematch-making meetings.

Please note that at 60-90 tickets should be allocated to CPH STAGE – incommunication with the International Producer – for international and nationalguests as well as press and collaborators.

The curation of the 14 works at CPH STAGEs International Days is supportedby The Danish Arts Foundation and Danish Actor’s Association (DanskSkuespillerforbund).


CPH STAGE is committed to creating and co-creating a more sustainable festival scenario. There is no doubt that the most environmentally sustainable festival would be the one not happening. However that would leave communities and people in a state of cultural and social unsustainability. So sustainability is very much about choices and making the priorities that are for the greater good in the bigger picture. This change into embracing sustainability is complex and we collaborate with different organizations. Step by step we grow more and more sustainable.

A part of this sustainability commitment includes encouraging and supporting artists to works internationally in sustainable ways and with environmental responsibility. That is why we ask you to describe your sustainability strategy in the application.


The Open Call for CPH STAGEs International Days is for people who work or aim at working internationally. The jury will prioritise companies who have a reflected approach to how they want to work internationally. this doesn't mean that you have to have a lot of experience. It just means that you have considered thoroughly why you want to work internationally and how you want to work internationally with the work that you are applying with.