Pre-meeting stay at Sisters Hope Home – a poetic and sensuous sustainability one-day experience.  

Allow yourself this very special opportunity of living and being part of the highly immersive performance art-work of Sisters Hope Home from June 11th – 12th 2023 - one day prior to the IETM meeting in Aarhus June 12th. Sisters Hope Home is located in Hedehusene – a short trainride from Copenhagen. A bus will bring all the pre-meeting participants to Aarhus before lunch for the IETM meeting.

Through rituals, performative exercises and domestic life in Sisters Hope Home, the participants will investigate new ways of inhabiting the sensuous and poetic together with the Sisters Staff. This is an extraordinary chance to take part in this immersive journey with Sisters Hope in their home.  

Sisters Hope Home is an extraordinary five-year-durational performance and platform for artistic research on how inhabitation of the sensuous and poetic relates to the understanding of the ecological connectedness of everything and thus enables a transition into a more sustainable future, created by the award-winning performance group and movement Sisters Hope.

The pre-meeting Programme

The accommodation will be on site at the home in a dormitory. After being greeted by a Sisters Staff upon arrival, each visitor will be granted a bed in the Sisters Hope Home dormitory. You can check in on Sunday 11 June, between 14:00 and 15:00. While here, you will cook, eat, sleep and live in proximity with Sisters Hope, where everything is based on the principles of the sensuous and poetic. Please note all meals served will be vegetarian. Also it is not possible to use digital devices during your stay.

You should pack for one overnight stay, bringing preferably comfortable shoes and wind/waterproofs, a rucksack for carrying a water bottle and a reusable coffee mug.  

Costs and attendance: Price: €50; includes all meals, a bed in a dormitory and the travel to Aarhus to EITM meeting Monday before lunch. Support workers for participants with disabilities are welcome to register for free (please inform on registration form and to ietm@ietm.org)

Attendance is only by pre-registration and a maximum of 14. However, this activity is subject to a minimum number of registrations. In case it is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee. No other refunds will be possible for this pre-meeting.  

Once signed up, you will receive a welcome letter in your e-mail. Here you find additional information and a personal check-in time. Please read this letter carefully. Sisters Hope was part of the selected programme at CPH STAGEs International Days 2022. See their pitch.

Address and transportation to the pre-meeting:
Sisters Hope, Charlottegårdsvej 1a, 2640 Hedehusene 

 Train transportation: Participants will be contacted before the pre-meeting to arrange a meetingpoint. CPH STAGE will arrange a guide following you from the Copenhagen Central Station to Hedehusene Train Station. It is only an 18 minute train ride from CPH central station. We meet you under the big clock in the middle of the Central Station at 12.45 pm. Please be on time. The train ticket costs 76 kr.(approx. 11€).