You suddenly find yourself in a fruit market in Johannesburg. Or maybe you’re sitting on a tuktuk on your way out of one of Mumbai’s busy streets. Or you’re cooking in a small village in Moldova. Someone you don’t know speaks to you and for a moment you don’t know who you are. You look down at yourself and see another body. You speak, but you have a different voice. You are not yourself anymore, you are someone else, in another life, somewhere else in the world.

Duration: 60 min


With AVATAR ME you buy a personal 1:1 live performance, where for 45 minutes you will go and live another person’s life, somewhere else in the world. The performance is a live-streamed “first-person” experience, where for a moment you influence the actions of another human being, somewhere else in the world. You will be placed in a completely new environment, make new friends and perhaps experience something you would never have experienced in your own life. In an age where we all spend most of our time in isolation and where encounters with the rest of the world are limited, AVATAR ME sends you on a very different and personal journey beyond borders. It is a very personal experience with the closeness and interaction you know from the theatre and yet something completely different. The international cast is from South Africa, Brazil, Moldova, India and Malaysia.

★★★★ “An eye-opening, intimate and empathic experience”, The Stage UK

★★★★★ “In AVATAR ME you can taste the food from the sizzling pans, pet a puppy while looking deep into its eyes, and with your pulse pounding create 45 minutes of escapism you won’t soon forget.”, Sceneblog.co.uk

★★★★★ “Theatre? Can it be called theatre? I’ve certainly never experienced anything like it.”, Kulturen.nu


Fix&Foxy has produced work for little more than a decade – theatre, performance art, social interaction, immersive installations etc. Their work is driven by curiosity and a desire to create complex narratives through playful, entertaining, and easily accessible formats while challenging our – presumptions and misconceptions about ourselves and the world we live in. By sharing stories about people who make up society and address the times we live in, Fix&Foxy wants to engage with the world.

Like us at CPH STAGE, they believe that performing arts play a vital role in society and can make a difference.

Fix&Foxy forms a team for each production and is privileged with a large group of creative artists. On a daily basis the company is run by artistic director Tue Biering, producer Karoline Michelsen, Communication Officer Camilla van Norde, and international producer Annette Max Hansen.


Fix&Foxy globalize their practice from process to presentation; Through special formats that use local casts; by touring and co-producing with international venues and involving artists worldwide in collaborative processes. They create meetings across all sorts of borders. They are currently roaming in the North, Germany, UK, and France and squinting towards Eastern Europe and Canada, however, since working with global topics, interested in interacting with the world at large. Most importantly, Fix&Foxy want to create great, fruitful relationships while cultivating the existing ones.


Annette Max Hansen, annette@fixfoxy.com, +45 22449086


We work with different concepts of which some are eco friendly. Avatar Me is an example of carbon print light theatre where all international performers stay in their country while both rehearsing and performing and all audiences stay at home while attending the performance. We also work with concepts where we anchor the performance locally by casting locally and by doing so we only need to move around the creative team. We are constantly working on live digital concepts and developing tools in order to cope with global challenges and sustainability.






AVATAR ME is a FIX&FOXY production in partnership with Wildtopia and co-produced by Teater Nordkraft.
Presented for the first time at RE:LOCATIONS festival on 26 April – 8 May 2021, and later at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021 on 2, 13, 25 and 26 August.

Starring: Marcela Nistor, Robin Khor Yong Kuan, Bertwin Ravi D’souza, Lalisa Costa and Lillian Tshabalala

Director: Tue Biering

Producer: Annette Max Hansen

Dramaturg and co-director: Linn Haldrup Lorenzen

Coordinator and co-director: Camilla Gürtler

Supported by Globus – Nordic Culture Fund
Thanks to the first year students from Aarhus School of Performing Arts 2021