How do you set the scene with the clubbing milieu and an old greek arena? It is one of the strengths and special traits of the performance duo Hestnes & Popović, that they are able to create a universe where it is  okay not to understand everything that is happening. You can let go of the need to know everything. When the duo anyway insists on feeling and relating to more uncomfortable feelings they do it in a way that feels natural and effortless. As this is also a natural part of the life we’re living.


Husets Teater / Halmtorvet 9B

1700 København V

Duration: 70 min


So Far So Good approaches a feeling we believe we are not alone carrying. A feeling telling us that we have made it this far, despite living in a turmoiled world, where new rules are introduced every day. It is a collective gut feeling that something might happen, and we better hurry up and protect ourselves from it.

Through a sonic and spatial collaboration with sound designer Daniel Fogh, we investigate how this feeling manifests itself, as something unspeakable, yet profoundly essential to how we orientate ourselves in the world today.

We used to have maps and amulets, rituals and tools, but the rules of the game are different now. Protection, however, is not obsolete. We invite the audience to rediscover these places with us, and together we turn to stories and to the theater, in search of comfort and guidance.

Building on earlier work, Hestnes/Popović look at historical material and personal stories, in order to address issues of today.


Hestnes/Popović started their collaboration within a transdisciplinary and international context, at the Norwegian Theater Academy (NTA) in Fredrikstad. Marina Popović is trained in acting and also holds an MA from NTNU in Trondheim, specializing in Cultural Memory Studies. Freya Sif Hestnes is a graduate in scenography and holds a BFA in photography from Valand Academy in Gothenburg, and works actively in both the performing and fine arts scene. Through their work, they create a meeting and melting point for both their professional, personal and cultural backgrounds.


Hestnes/Popović create work from an interest in memory and storytelling and a devotion for details and diversions. They insist that the emotional is political and research how this can be experienced in immersive and sensorial performances. They work with an enthusiasm for the overlooked in history, often inviting the audience to take part and together question, what stories and power dynamics shape our understanding of ourselves.


The duo create work in both English, Danish and Norwegian. Having toured extensively in Europe and India with their first performance There is a Noise, the company aims to draw upon their festival- and theater network and touring experience to promote their current work.

So Far So Good draws on various cultures present in the company. From an artistic point of view, they look at how the specific and personal story connect with the broader, universal one, and how these feelings transfer to a broader audience. The performance will be translated into English, for an international audience and is suitable for festivals and guest-performances at venues looking to present interdisciplinary, contemporary work. The company is associated artists at Toaster, Copenhagen as of 2021 and collaborate closely with the administration.


Andrea Skotland, andreaskotland@gmail.com, +47 98623179


The artistic directors of Hestnes/Popović are based in two different countries, and consequently have from the very beginning of their collaboration organized their work on digital platforms.

Our understanding of sustainability involves a focus on local craftsmanship and suppliers, involvement and engagement with the community that we present and create work in and working conditions that support and encourage a long-term perspective, family life, durability and collaborations.

So Far So Good was initiated and created with these questions and circumstances in mind.






13 +


Concept and text: Hestnes / Popović

Performers: Marina Popović

Director: Freya Sif Hestnes

Scenography: Hestnes / Popović, Daniel Fogh

Sound design: Daniel Fogh

Dramaturge: Andrea Skotland

Costume design and props: Astrid Sønderskov Andersen

Light Design: Ingrid Skanke Høsøien

Creative development and text contribution: Anders Tougaard

Consulting dramaturge: Miriam Frandsen, Guru Stugu

Stage- and production manager: Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem

Producer: Andrea Skotland, Hestnes / Popović

Co-produced by: TOASTER Copenhagen, Rosendal Teater Trondheim

Supported by: Danish Arts Council, Norwegian Art Council, Norwegian Arts Council Audio and Visual Fund, The Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting – NCNP, Trøndelag County Authority, Trøndelag Teater, Nordic Mobilty Funding, Norwegian Actors Guild, Performing Arts Hub Norway, Rosendal Teater (co-producer)

Photo by: Juliane Jensen / Atle Auran