TRANSHUMANIST induces chills and goosebumps, when the dancers transform into extraordinary humans that move in ways that feels counterintuitive – as nobody moves like this. There is an otherworldly beauty in these movements that is significant for the work of Next Zone. They have been one of the companies in Denmark most dedicated to developing the genre urban dance. This is the kind of dance that you can feel in your body – while you are thinking, I could never do this – but now I let go and lean in trying it for a moment.


Skusespilhuset, Lille Scene / Sankt Annæ Plads 36

1250 København K

Duration: 45 min


TRANSHUMANIST is a popping duet between two male dancers that unfolds themselves in a fascinating universe. A place where the boundaries between artificial and human nature dissolve. They move around in an electronic soundscape and that makes us feel like we are in another reality.Today, technology has made it possible to become more than human. But how do we as human beings navigate in this? TRANSHUMANIST is a dance that expresses the future through urban dance and electronic music. Both the attracting and the more scary kind of future. NEXT ZONE is working with liminal states of the body and space, while expanding our notion of what urban dance can be.

The performance is curated by CPH STAGE’s international jury and presented in collaboration with the festival.


NEXT ZONE is an international company based in Denmark . The company works primarily with an international cast of performers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. The productions are both for stage and site unspecific.

It is very important for the company to work within an international context in the form of touring, residencies and co-productions and to present the work outside the boarders of Denmark to a worldwide audience.

TRANSHUMANIST is an atypical piece for Next Zone as it features two Danish dancers cast for their very specific skills which were essential for the creation of the performance.


NEXT ZONE is based in Denmark one hour from Copenhagen in Tisvildeleje a small town by the sea and forest .

Artistic leader and choreographer Lene Boel creates extremely physical dance pieces always challenging  and exploring new territories of body/ choreographic language .

Since 2001 she has primarily worked with very high level International casts of street dancers from different styles such as break, popping, locking,powermoves, house, hip hop, electro, acrobatics and experimental. The soundtrack for all NEXT ZONE creations are always newly composed and deeply embeded within the performance because it is created in the studio along with the choreography.

The company has since 2010 worked with a compact and sustainable light concept which makes touring all over the world possible.

NEXT ZONE performs all over Denmark and tours extensively internationally ,latest in France, Germany,Canada and Mexico to  festivals such as Festival Culturel de Mayo, Düsseldorf Festival,Festival Quatiers Dance, Edinburg Fringe, Les Boreales, Theatre de Nimes, Suresnes Cities Dance  

The company has received support from The Danish Arts Coucil since 2001.


The piece premiered March 25th and has been on tour in Greenland and went on tour in Canada in November 2022 .TRANSHUMANIST can be performed in almost any space and is suitable for an audience of all ages.


Lene Boel, nextzone7@gmail.com, +45 40351437


The crew consist of four people and the technical set up is five battery driven lights placed on floor.






TRANSHUMANIST is suited for all ages from 6 years - 100 plus


Idea & choreography: Lene Boel

Music: Rex Casswell

Light Design: Jesper Kongshaug

Popping Dancers:  Malthe Ørsted & Martin Karlshøj

Supported by Danish Arts Council, Augustinus Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden