Performance trilogy: 50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do), KABOOM – the art of destruction and EVERYDAY: The world´s most boring show. These works all reinterpret historical performance art works in a new context.

For us, performance art is about asking questions and testing them in live experiments: What is art? What is the everyday? What is an artist? What happens if you keep walking in a straight line? What if you tie yourself to another person for a year? Each show re- interprets about 20 historical performance art works by Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono, Tehching Hsieh, and many others. All works are nonfictional and take place in real time and space. And all actions are real, like when we glue people together or smash guitars.

Anybody, and of any age, can ask questions and test them in real life and time. So, anybody can be an artist. That is why the audience is always part of our works.



  • EXPLORING REALITY - There are more options for reality and in this podcast we'll share different aproaches to playing with our perceptions of reality. Which role democracy plays and how you give people tools to understand their reality and to change the world around them. Starring: Henrik Vestergaard (LiveartDK/Performance Trilogy), Mikael Fock (SH4DOW), Hilkka-Liisa Ilvanainen (Tampere Theatre Festival).


For us, the essence of classical performance art is about asking questions and testing them in live experiments. As Joseph Beuys famously said: Anybody can be an artist. Any citizen of any age can ask questions and try to change the state of things. In a more and more fragmented society, we strongly believe in investigating and building our shared reality. Together with our audience.


Live art is an umbrella term for various practices, where artists ask questions to the real world, which they seek to answer personally; through real actions and experiments in real time and space. We are especially fond of investigations that include an audience as collaborators.

Live Art Denmark is fully funded by the Danish Art Council. Since 2004, we have developed several new strategies for engaging with intergenerational audiences, from live works and festivals to educational concepts and documentation for the VR format with a 360 degree camera.


With 50 Dangerous Things, KABOOM and The Everyday we have developed three works in stage formats which have already visited festivals and theatres in Denmark and abroad. All of our works are flexible and can be performed at regular and unconventional venues. We appreciate creative organizers who rethink festival and presentation formats and enjoy working context-specific, developing works for a certain society, time, and audience. Our formats travel easily, are low-tech and have quick get-in and - out. We speak and perform in Danish, English, Swedish and German.


Our strategy is to produce responsibly regarding energy use, materials, waste and waste disposal and logistics. And to minimize cargo and freight, and to travel with train whenever possible when touring. The three works 50 Dangerous Things, KABOOM and EVERYDAY – have been designed for touring from the very beginning. Each can fit inside a normal van, or even a few suitcases, and do not require a lot of technical equipment or assistants. Many materials are sourced locally, and all PR is digital. We often collaborate with local performers and the audience as co-performers, so our basic team is only 2-4 persons. In all these ways, we save transportation, flights and other resources.


Kaboom and 50 Dangerous things have a few loud sounds.


Families, schools, preschools. 50 Dangerous Things: Anybody from 4 years. KABOOM: Anybody from 6 years. The Everyday: Anybody from 5 years.


The trilogy constitutes an imperative to the audience to dare imagine the world differently, to participate, to act, and to be a part of a democratic change, no matter their age.