THE VILLAGE - a franchise adventure

Sometime during the 80s the term global village came about. Someone predicted that we would come to share lives and destinies across great distances. At the time it was hard to imagine – now the village of 7.8 billion inhabitants has somewhat become reality. We love TV series. We become emotionally involved with characters week after week and we live and dream with them. By using the format of series we will explore the potential connections across the village. The stage is a TV studio, the set is an apartment. The exact same in Nigeria, USA, India and Italy. There is an actor in each country. All are filmed livestreamed a large screen for the audience to follow and when crosscut it looks as if the they are in the same room. We slowly get into their lives with the sense of them being together and us being together with them. Then we enter the stage and start talking to each other. THE VILLAGE is the second part in our investigation into modern empires.



Geographic and nation state defined borders are dissolved and across continents we increasingly share cultural references and commercial products. Together with our audiences we will explore whether this translates into a sense of togetherness. Can the global village provide the feeling of being one big family?


Fix&Foxy has produced work for little more than a decade – theatre, performance art, social interaction, immersive installations etc. Their work is driven by curiosity and a desire to create complex narratives through playful, entertaining, and easily accessible formats while challenging our – presumptions and misconceptions about ourselves and the world we live in. By sharing stories about people who make up society and address the times, we live in, Fix&Foxy wants to engage with the world. Like us at CPH STAGE, they believe that performing arts play a vital role in society and can make a difference.

Fix&Foxy forms a team for each production and is privileged with a large group of creative artists.


Fix+foxy works insistently to create complex and challenging performances about the world, with those who live in it, and aims at developing new formats that meet the people who do not normally use the theatre. We have an international outlook and create works that travels the world and brings the world to Denmark. Working internationally is closely related to the stories we tell and to a need for inviting ourselves and the audience into the world of others. We believe that international casts represent the stories we want to tell and contribute personal material otherwise beyond our reach. We want to learn from international companies through co-production, travelling and conversations and thereby developing models and networks supporting the financing and distribution of future productions. We want to make our audience's ears used to different languages and therefore play in many languages, besides Danish and English. Our performances will still communicate and often be subtitled.


Fix+foxy is working in many different formats and here we are trying to grow awareness of sustainable choices. First and foremost, we are aiming at giving the existing productions a longer life span exposing them to a wider audience through touring or collaborations in Denmark or abroad. In the production process we are using online rehearsals and meetings as a natural alternative to physical meetings across regions or national borders. When transportation is needed, we prioritize train instead of flying.








We believe in theatre as a place where we can respectively meet each other on equal terms and with mutual respect based on a genuine interest in people who are not like us and perhaps do not share our beliefs. Working with a wide group of people such as war veterans, children, homeless people and physically challenged as part of our artistic practice, obviously diversity and inclusion is part of our company DNA. We continue to collaborate with special capacities, psychologists, and therapists to ensure that we employ the needed sensitivity in our practice.