Words have lost their meaning and in a constant battle for supremacy, the characters fight each other, and the brutal reality they are in. The universe of the performance is inspired by the military references from the original play. The costumes are based on uniforms, the set design is a military tent - a refugee camp, an execution site. It’s a liminal place between birth and death where everybody is waiting for the war to come, waiting to die. And in the middle of this, we have Woyzeck, with no control of his own life, struggling and running trying to survive. In that sense, the performance appeals to (young) adults living in a world of war and crisis, that have an urge to make changes - the rebels of the future. A courageous audience that questions the world, we live in, and seek art that questions too.



With the threads to torture, humiliation, violence, and abuse, Glad Theatre have created an artistic space where the performers together with the audience can try to grasp and sense the cruel reality of war. The performance is an examination of how we as human beings act and react in this constant struggle between life and death. In this universe, words make no sense and instead we must reach out with our bodies and senses. Therefore, we have created a performance where physical actions and choreographic images together with an intense soundscape are the central narrative elements.


Glad Theatre is Denmark’s leading inclusive company. Since 2006, they have been challenging the state of performing art by creating performances with actors with different abilities. Their performances range from the experimental performance universe to retelling classic stories in new ways and have a special strength in the physical and visual expression. The performances are not necessarily aimed for an audience with different abilities but are often suitable for a mixed audience.


Besides the natural wish to inspire and move audiences around the globe with their untraditional performances, Glad Theatre wishes to spread understanding of how artists with different abilities by their work can contribute to making the art world as well as the general culture a more open, diverse, and inspiring place. We want to connect to curious and brave programmers that not necessarily know about nor have met or seen inclusive artwork, but who think of diversity as a plus and have the curiosity to give their audience a new and surprising experience. Specifically for this performance, we are aiming for venues interested in dance and/or physical theatre.


Janne Schnipper janne@gladteater.dk

+45 24952414


Glad Theatre reuse scenography, props etc. as much as possible. Regarding transportation, we prefer locations/venues in driving range from Copenhagen. We always aim for planning our performances and touring in such a way that we spend our time and resources as good as possible. Because of the set-up time for this performance specifically, we would have to play at least two, preferably three, days in a row at every new venue.


Adult content. Contains themes of war, torture, and death. Emotional and physical abuse and violence. Loud music and noise.




Being a part of the social economic company Glad Foundation, social sustainability is a natural key structure of Glad Theatre. Our aim is to give actors with different abilities a voice in the performing arts industry and create exquisite art with their special strengths and unique expressions. Diversity for us equals giving every person, despite their challenges, ethnicity, gender, age etc. the possibility to use their talent in acting. Forget about clichés, prejudices, and box ticking – focus on the best possible art instead.


Performers Andreas Flodin Pedersen, Dan Roland Lund, Janick Pihl Nielsen, Julie Andersen, Michele Rasmussen

Director Jesper Michelsen

Choreography Kasper Ravnhøj

Set Design Johan Kølkjær

Music Rune Abel Aagaard

Light Design John Ivar Venned

Costumes Fie von Veer